30-minute Fundraising Consultation




Take advantage of your 30-minute fundraising consultation – make a time to suit you for Pamela to help your organisation consider your fundraising objectives.

Want more? When you purchase the Better Fundraising package, you’ll get 1 hard copy book and 3 e-books, you’ll get a FREE 30 minute consultation to help you deliver your fundraising goals.

Arrange a time with Pamela and yourself, your manager, board, CEO or leadership team and Pamela will take you through an online, live problem-solving, strategic fundraising discussion.

Pamela has spent more than 25 years in the fundraising and the not-for-profit sector. She has an MBA, is a certified fundraising practitioner (CFRE) and CFRE ambassador. She is also a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of Australia. Pamela is a Victorian Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

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