The Fundraiser’s Handbook

Thank you for choosing this book to help you deliver great fundraising results for your organisation. I will show you many tools that have helped me raise more than $150million for non-profit organisations. Be one of the first to receive The Fundraiser’s Handbook.

Who this book is for

Has anyone ever said to you: ‘just get out there and raise some money’? I hear your pain. It’s one of the reasons I created the Fundraiser’s Handbook – to help you and all fundraisers ‘get out there’ as fast as possible but with a great plan that will give them the confidence to deliver those results.

This book is primarily for fundraisers of non-profit organisations who want to raise more money for their cause. Raising funds for your organisation is a challenge. This book will guide you through the process using a powerful but simple template and get you on your way to raising more money.

You may already raise funds through a variety of channels – direct mail, email, face to face – and from several sources – individual donors, foundations or corporations. However, I am sure (without looking at the specifics of your organisation) that whether you are paid to fundraise, are a volunteer, have years of experience or have never attempted to fundraise before, you could be conducting your fundraising more efficiently and effectively and, therefore, could be raising more money.

Fundraising is a learned skill. I will teach you the processes, practices, systems and structures to help you raise more money than you thought possible.

Great fundraising results come from a great strategy. I’ll show you how to do this quickly and effectively.

Where I started

I started fundraising as an enthusiastic volunteer when I began my own non-profit organisation to protect wild tigers from poachers in the early-90s. Over the following 30 years, I continued to fundraise as a paid professional working in the education, conservation and international aid sectors and with many other non-profit and for-purpose organisations.

Every fundraiser has that moment when they ask themselves: where do I start? I’ve certainly had many of those moments in my fundraising career. During those times, I have reached for the one proven tool that has helped me to overcome uncertainty: a written fundraising strategy.

If the idea of writing a fundraising strategy scares you, please take a breath and know that this book will help to eliminate that fear. By taking a step by step approach, using a proven templated structure, I will show you how to prepare, write, execute and measure the results of your strategy so that every time you set out to fundraise, you will achieve better, more predictable results.

Starting where you are

Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or are just beginning your journey, or whether you are a paid staff member, a director or an occasional volunteer, this book will give you focused guidance to help your organisation deliver on its goals and give your donors wonderful experiences. 

So much in life requires ‘just a bit of confidence’. I will help you to build confidence in yourself and your organisation. You have a cause that deserves to be supported, and you CAN raise more money than you have in the past. I will help you to bring your cause to your donors’ attention and motivate them to support you.

This book will help you clarify your goals, write a strategy that will keep your organisation advancing, and prepare you for future challenging times. You will learn:

  1. the key ways to raise more money
  2. how to use your current resources
  3. how to utilise and leverage assets at your disposal
  4. where to find new donors and how to keep them.